The 13 mantles bear the title "FAITH, HOPE and LOVE". They are a project sprung out of great fascination with the Biblical stories from my childhood, inspiration from sermons, talks with my priest and tropological studies of Biblical texts.


I wanted to express the subtle meanings of my favorite texts and those which I have recently discovered, as I will describe later on for each mantle. I have chosen to express these interpretations with columns on mantles made with Italian woven suri alpaca and baby llama; warm and luxurious materials. In various ways, the columns symbolize that Biblical texts are the supporting elements in life. The fact that the columns are hand-stitched symbolizes the time and contemplation it takes to work with and get to know the texts. Finally, the mantles are stitched with cross stitches. The project turned out to be so thrilling that as one idea turned into another, I dedicated a year to complete it in my studio.



Thank you for your time reading this. If you would you like more information about the thoughts behind each mantle, a catalogue can be ordered.

Book of Genesis

Ch 1, v 1-31, Ch 2, v 2

The creation of the world


Ch 3, v 1-7

The fall into sin and the expulsion from the Garden of Eden


Ch 3, v 1-6, v 15

The Lord reveals himself in the burning thornbush


Ch 21, v 4-9

The brass serpent


Ch 2, v 1-7

The Christmas story


Ch 15, v 4-6

Parable of the Lost Sheep


Ch 15, v 11-32

Parable of the prodigal son


Ch 2,  v 1-10

The wedding in Cana


Ch 13, v 17

Jesus washes the feet of his disciples


Ch 22, v 14-20

The sacrament


Ch 5, v 1-5, ch 21, v 4-5

The Lamb and the seven seals


Ch 27, v 45-51

The death of Jesus


Ch 2, v 1-8


1. Corinthians

Ch 13, v 1-13


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